The series expansion – PHVD

The series expansion – PHVD coating carbide level increases to the rough and semi-finish machining of the nose end milling cutter of SHRM2 ball

On February 18,

SHRM2 has a good reputation as a rotating spherical nose end milling cutter. It can obtain good anti-fracture performance through specially designed valve body. The added thickness of inserts and the center of the body have significantly improved rigidity.

New grade MHP6120; Based on the accumulation of al-ti-cr-n PHVD coating, a proprietary hard – sigma technique has been used to process stainless steel. In addition, MHP9120 is added for processing titanium and heat-resistant alloys to complement the existing range.

PHVD coating carbide grade characteristics, MHP6120 / MHP9120

  1. The multi-layer coating of the work-specific hard – sigma technique (based on the cumulative al-ti-cr-n PHVD coating) prevents any cracks from penetrating into the substrate and significantly improves the fracture resistance.
  2. For machining stainless steel MHP6120, excellent thermal crack and welding property are provided by using (Al,Cr)N coating.
  3. Product MHP9120 and CrN coating for processing titanium alloy and heat-resistant alloy, preventing the edge of surfacing welding may lead to chip.

The new VHAS 400 indexable surface and face milling cutter

January 26,

VHAS400, a new indexable surface and face cutter.

The newly developed VHAS400 indexable surface and face milling cutter are used for the opening and processing of side and side parts of automobile parts. Low cutting resistance and high clamping stiffness provide excellent vibration resistance.

The added VHAS400 tool to complement the existing face and face cutter; VHOX400 is used for general purpose of cast iron milling and AHSX400 series. The introduction of VHAS400 extends the scope of miiling applications that may use the side and face milling series.

The new tool body will be available for ordering products, and the new blades will be used as stock standard items.