Features of VHAS400 indexable side cutting tool

Features of VHAS400 indexable side cutting tool

  1. High clamping rigidity is achieved through a large seat surface.
  2. The low cutting resistance of milling is optimized by advanced simulation technology.
  3. The corner radius of product insertion is specially designed, with optimized convex curve shape, which enables high-precision machining of the angular radius of the workpiece.

New BHMR rough boring knife

January 26,

The newly developed BHMR rough milling cutter is used in rough and semi-finished car parts such as cylinder boring. The cutter can be inserted through two sides and six corners, achieving high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost.

The new tool body will be available for ordering products, and the new blades will be used as stock standard items.

The characteristics of BMR coarse boring knife

  1. The high clamping stiffness increases the resistance of the fracture, making it possible to process the high feed.
  2. The operation of the adjustment system can take advantage of the cheap m level insertion.
  3. The two types of m-class inserts can be used as a stock standard item: the high rigidity and the 12-angle insertion of the six corners are economical and efficient.

Series expansion – a new type of crusher for milling hard-to-cut materials, added to AJX high feed radius milling cutter series

On December 24,

The existing AHJX series has a good record of high feed and high efficiency.

JL crushers have been added and have sharp cutting edges, especially for hard-to-cut materials such as titanium and heat-resistant alloys. In addition, HGFT chipbreaker and JHM chipbreaker with high fracture resistance are added to complement the existing range.

Features of the new chip

  1. The low resistance edge design of working JL circuit breakers has achieved improved sharpness, which is the first suggestion for milling of hard-to-cut materials.