The series now includes an efficient end milling cutter

The series now includes an efficient end milling cutter, vf-fdrb, for high feed and rough processing applications.

Features of vf-fdrb, impact miracle grinding series

  1. The biangular geometry of the product consists of the large Angle and the small Angle. This helps reduce the cutting resistance and the deflection of the cutter and the vibration during high feed processing.
  2. Multi-flute design is effective for high feed processing.
  3. Product vf – FDRB provides long knife life and stable processing for high quench hard steel (50HRC), which is effective in long suspension applications.

Series expansion – IHMX switching end milling cutter series

On December 18,

IHMX series was well welcomed in the market, because it is a revolutionary end mill system, it is a combination of hard alloy and the advantages of the end of indexable milling cutter, provides the remarkable economical and high efficiency, high precision and rigidity. Since the clamping surface of the bracket and the head is carbide, the overall rigidity is close to the fixed end milling cutter.

Features of the IHMX terminal series extension

  1. The dual-angle radius of the new product development can make the high feed machining have low cutting resistance. This is possible because the double Angle geometry is made up of large and small angular radii.
  2. A new straight handle and offset head (the shank diameter of the cutting edge of >) for deeper cantilever milling is now available.
  3. The head of the product square and corner radius can now be in a long cutting edge (2 x D).

Series expansion – large diameter series added to MVX series

On December 18,

The MHVX indexable drill series, originally released in November, has become the leader of the next generation of drilling. MHVX drill provides a good economic benefit, with the insertion of four corners and the realization of a high cutting performance and long tool life due to the optimal positioning of external and internal inserts.