The characteristics of the MHVX indexable drill series

In addition, since L/D = 6 is the same as the standard length version, MHVX is well received in the deep hole processing market.

To complement the existing dimensions, the range has now been extended to include a drill diameter of 335 mm-60mm.

The characteristics of the MHVX indexable drill series

  1. Product 4 corner insertion provides an excellent economy.
  2. Long tool life can be achieved by applying the most appropriate level to external and internal inserts.
  3. The geometrical shape of the cutting edge wiper in the outer space of the product has achieved good hole wall accuracy.

Series expansion-new JL circuit breaker for milling hard cutting materials, added to AHJX high feed radius milling cutter series

On September 26,

The existing high – feed milling cutter has obtained the low cutting depth, high feed and high efficient processing.

JHL circuit breakers designed for hard-to-cut materials such as titanium and heat-resistant alloys have been released to supplement the existing range.

Features of JL circuit breaker for milling difficult material

  1. The product has strong anti-heat and titanium alloy material cutting performance.
  2. Low resistance edge design reduces the cutting heat and helps control insertion wear.
  3. The addition of product JHL circuit breakers allows for a wider range of applications.

The new coating CHBN BHC8110 is used for high quenching steel turning

On September 26,

The BHC8110 grade of high quenching steel has good wear resistance with a new developed special ceramic coating. BHC8110 is used to extend tool life, achieve efficient cutting, less tool replacement, and maintain high quality surface treatment during extended tool life.

The characteristics of the coating CHBN BHC8110 are used for high quenching steel turning

  1. Special ceramic coating for new product development can improve wear and anti-stripping performance.