Product drilling

3. Product drilling
The photo on the right is a tool that produces a round hole in the workpiece called a drill. There are relatively large holes in the indexable insert bit and brazing drill, and the solid bit can produce smaller holes. The main feature of drilling is that it can be used in milling machines and lathes.
As mentioned above, the cutting mode consists of three main modes; Turning, milling, drilling. Select suitable cutter according to the cutting mode and can effectively process hard metal.
1. Work using tool products
The MSH product packaging has safety warning signs. However, the tool does not have a detailed warning flag. Before handling tool products and carbide materials, please read the “safety of cutting tools” in this directory. In addition, as part of worker safety education, please notify all workers of the “tool product safety” content.
2. Basic features of hard tool materials
In terms of “tool product safety”
Hard alloy material: hard alloy, ceramics, ceramics, sintering, diamond, high – speed steel, alloy steel and other instrumental materials general terms.
3. Safety of product tool products
• hard tool materials have a large proportion. Therefore, when heavy objects or quantities are large, they require special attention.
• the cutting tools produce dust and mist during grinding or heating. This dust and fog can be harmful when it comes to contact with the eye or skin, or a lot of it. When grinding and processing, it is recommended to use local exhaust ventilation and respirators, dust masks, glasses, gloves, etc. If the dust touches your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. Don’t eat in exposed areas and wash your hands thoroughly before eating. Wash or clean the dirt on your clothes, but don’t shake it off.