Series expansion – new AGHX440

  1. The completion of work BGHC8105 Ra to obtain the surface roughness 0.6 mu m,Rz 2.4 mu m or better by adopting a customized, newly developed special ceramic coating to improve the lubricity and wear resistance.
  2. BGHC8130 is used for serious discontinuous cutting to prevent the loss of coating due to impact, and to improve the crack resistance by adopting a new developed special ceramic coating.
  3. The product adopts a new type of honing method on the cutting edge of BGHC8130.

Series expansion – new AGHX440 universal multi-angle insert face milling cutter

On June 15,

The outer edge of the insertion is not in contact with the body, so if a sudden rupture occurs, the abnormal insertion of the damaged and damaged valve body can be controlled.

Series expansion – insertion level added to the AXD cutter series for aluminum alloy and difficult cutting materials

Chip cutting slots are also very popular. Single side blades with OHR, NHR2, HGR and H923 chip

It is widely used in heavy crude processing.

Pramite machining tool range includes internal round and external round turning tool. The representative product in the basic supply range is the cutter with the negative Angle blade with the S clamp system and the S clamp system. Also available for non-standard indexable and adjustable blade and adjustable hilt. There are also train wheelers for heavy duty.

Important information

DC clamping system is the most stable blade clamping system. The clamping stability is shown to be longer than using P clamping system. DC, MC and PC clamping system (for the negative Angle blades for cylindrical holes) are applicable to the entire range of the stable work piece to the precision machining, depending on the selected slot and blade shape.

On June 15,

MSH Materials Corporation,Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President – Fumio Tsurumaki, headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) added MHP6120, a PHVD coating carbide grade for the AHXD series. That gives AHXD the ability to make steel, aluminum and hard-to-cut materials.