Series expansion – “single block bracket” added to the “GHY series” slot system

  1. The dispersion of new ultra-fine grained binder on BHC8110 prevents the development of linear crack that can lead to sudden rupture.
  2. The product improves the adhesion to the surface of CHBN, increasing the flaking resistance.

Series expansion – “single block bracket” added to the “GHY series” slot system

August 5,

The existing GHY series has gained a good acceptance as a breakthrough slotting tool that provides the ultimate rigidity and unique clamping technique known as trilocks. The modular bracket (1) system achieves efficient machining.

A newly developed monolithic fixator with a zero offset between the clamping head and the cutting edge has been released to complement the existing range.

Zero offset single block stand

  1. The offset compensation can be easily set, because the offset between the edge and blade is zero mm.
  2. High – rigid single-block stents can improve surface polishing and prevent vibration.
  3. The price of a single block of products is lower than the modular type, although the scope of the application is limited compared to the modular type with the interchangeable parts.

(the term)

(1) modularized type holders

The modularized type holder is a tool that is made up of different but modular parts that are interchangeable between tools. This means that in the case of corruption, or if you need another type of tool, you can replace the single part instead of the entire tool. This provides a high level of convenience and cost effectiveness compared to the single-block type of owner.

Series expansion – “American circuit breaker” is added to the “MHVX drill series” indexable bit for stainless steel

July 28,

The MHVX indexable bit is released as the next generation of drills in November. The characteristics of MHVX series products, the economic 4-angle insertion, provides excellent cutting performance and long tool life, by locating the best fit for external and internal insertion position.