The characteristics of the American stainless steel switch

In addition, increased surface hardness and specially designed scaffolds provide high hardness for maximum drilling depth L/D = 6. Compared with standard drill, the possibility of the hole’s extra depth has been well received by customers.

In order to provide longer tool life during drilling, new U.S. circuit breakers have high weld and fracture resistance new development and release.

The characteristics of the American stainless steel switch

  1. The optimal cutting edge geometry of the product can improve the crack resistance and sharpness of the stainless steel application, providing long tool life of internal insert.
  2. The geometrical shape of the cutting blade in the outer week reaches good wall accuracy.
  3. The product U.S. circuit breaker adopts welding grade VHP15TF, which can prevent the abnormal damage that can occur during internal insertion.

Series expansion – bracket and small lathe insert added to “GHY series”

The GHY series has received a good response in the market, and as a breakthrough tool, it provides the ultimate hardness and accuracy in the slot.

In order to meet the needs of small lathe users, a single piece of mounting bracket (1.5mm-3.18mm) and 1.5mm wide is added in the GHY series.


GHS/GHM breakers for cutting and slotting can be used as standard products.

  1. The successful insertion of products; VHP10RT, VHP20RT and NHX2525 will be used as standard items.

They perform well in cutting steel, stainless steel, cast iron, heat resistant and titanium alloys.

  1. Due to the high rigidity of the monolithic type fixator. Good surface finish is achieved by preventing vibration.

Series expansion – cast iron turning of the new ISO insertion series

On February 12,

Cast iron has excellent durability and vibration absorption performance. It can be used in automobile, agriculture, transportation machinery and other parts. It is necessary to increase productivity when processing these parts.